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new submmision!!!!!

2009-03-16 15:41:14 by Fulgorin

omg!!! its finally over, this is my latests project, its kinda tripy, but i liked a lot to work on it and my friends too.

we work so hard in too many things to get the effects you'll see, like the smoke and the ink water, we made that from nothing we waste a lot of water,incense and cigarettes !!! srryy GAIA!!! T-T

Cmon watch it at my flash submissions
or.... Watch at you tube! (better quality!)

New in this community!!

2008-12-04 08:43:20 by Fulgorin

Hello to all XD

Im studing graphic desging at college rigth now and im hoping to take another carreer after i finish this.
and it would be 3d animation and visual fx, or something relationed to animation =p

i will be updating personal works of animation here!

and links to my recents images! (painting at pothoshop rules! =p)

haha i think thats all =P.

CYA !!!!